Wellness Gatherings

Pop-Up Shop: Raleigh, NC - Nov/Dec 2023

Durham, NC Event - Dec 21st 2023


 Private Guided Meditation + Sound Therapy Sessions

Discover deep relaxation while being bathed in the vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Pyramids, Ocean Drum and Tingsha Cymbal Bells. The combination of ancient sound modalities, restorative breathwork and guided meditation can be helpful in bringing yourself back to center.

These virtual sessions are great for anyone and everyone seeking balance and relaxation from a busy lifestyle.

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Group Retreats

AHURA Wellness Retreats focus on deepening the connection within one’s Self through yoga, breath work and meditation paired with vibrational sound healing. Each scheduled activity encompasses a variety of these components in a group setting while implementing daily holistic wellness practices.

Each retreat is inclusive of workshops centered around basic wellness assessments formulated in efforts to transmute energy blockages throughout the body with the use of indigenous healing modalities, herbs, and self-massage techniques.

Interested in having AHURA lead your outdoor group experience inclusive of meditation, yoga, sound healing and workshop? Contact AHURA directly at info@ahuraapothecary.com


Hudson Valley, NY - April 2022

Sedona, AZ - Aug 2021 

Sedona, AZ - Oct 2020
Hudson Valley, NY - Aug 2020