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Raw Emerald Copper Bangle
Raw Emerald Copper Bangle
Raw Emerald Copper Bangle
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Raw Emerald Copper Bangle

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Raw Emerald Copper Bracelet

  • Electroformed in pure copper
  • Handmade and hand hammered cuff style bracelet
  • Features 3 genuine raw emeralds plus a bronze wire wrapping accent.
  • Hand hammered texturing on the sides.
  • Hand hammered flattened cuff ends for comfort.
  • The copper bracelet and bronze wire have been given a warm vintage patina to accentuate both the stones, and the different metals and textures.
  • Bracelets are made to order, the bracelet you receive will not be that shown in the photographs.
  • Choose your size. The metal is slightly malleable so small adjustments can be made. If you are in-between sizes, order up.
  • Choose whether to have your bracelet with or without Protecta Clear lacquer coating for an additional $5.

May Birthstone
The Stone of Inspiration and Infinite Patience
Emerald is a life affirming stone with great integrity.
Known as the Stone of Successful Love, it brings domestic bliss and loyalty.
It enhances unity, unconditional love, and partnership and promotes friendship. Emerald keeps partnership in balance.
Emerald ensures physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium. It eliminates negativity and brings in positive actions. Focusing intention and raising consciousness, it brings about positive action.
It enhances psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, and stimulates gathering wisdom.
Psychologically, Emerald gives the strength of character to overcome the misfortunes of life. It is a stone of regeneration and recovery and can heal negative emotions.
It enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Copper Care Instructions: Copper oxidizes quickly and may or may not turn in color. The oxidization reaction is due to the body chemistry’s pH level. If you experience discoloration, it is easily removed with soap and water and you may apply a layer of clear nail polish to the inside of your bangle to create a barrier. Copper can react to the sweat and oils on our skin. 

These copper pieces are not treated in any way, so that you can benefit fully from its healing and health properties.